New Batmobile Pics


tumbler 2

I know it’s the same car from ‘Batman Begins’, but it’s so rare that we hear anything from “The Dark Knight’ that I’m  excited to get any info from it. There are 2 other pics over at, along with some pretty interesting rumors ( which I won’t post here since some people don’t want to know them). I love the tumbler and I’m very happy that they stuck with the same car, plus we have the Batpod which looks very cool in action. Click here for spoilers.Harvey Dent publicy announces that he is batman, Rachael gives Bruce’s identity up to the Joker. I don’t really know how dependable this source is but, if they are true I think that would be pretty cool (if done the right way). It has also been said that Batman’s eyes will turn white when his costume is in radar mode, I’ve always wanted the movie to have white eyes, hopefully he leaves it on for a while.


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