Del Toro still Not Signed For ‘The Hobbit’



   Empire spoke with director Guillermo Del Toro today, and he says he is still not fully signed to direct ‘The Hobbit’ and it’s sequel. Del Toro says: “I wish it was definite, but it isn’t, it’s still in talks, there are still a lot of T’s to cross and I’s to dot. It’s certainly not certain yet… But as far as I’m concerned (if it was definite) I would be packed in ten seconds.”

    As far as the lawsuit that was revealed earlier this week he says he’s not worried at this time. He did say that he would love to have returning actors from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, of course actors whose characters are involved in the new film. So we’ll see what happens with the lawsuit, and hope  for the best.


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