WWE Making Another Crappy Movie



   The WWE  (World Wrestling Entertaining) has teamed up with Fox Atomic productions to film their next movie call ’12 Rounds’, starring Superstar John Cena. After teaming up with Lionsgate, they had said goodbye to the WWE because of such crappy films like ‘The Marine’, ‘See No Evil’, and ‘The Condemned’, but they just won’t give up. Renny Harlin, who directed two solid films, ‘Die Hard 2’ and ‘The Cliffhanger’has signed to Direct WWE’s new movie ’12 Rounds’. Harlin’s career has been going downward after directing ‘Midhunters’ and ‘The Covenant’ and looks to make his new movie a success. ‘ 12 Rounds’ focuses on a New Orleans police detective whose girlfriends is kidnapped. production starts in Feb. 25 in New Orleans. 

    I believe WWE should just give up producing movies and stick with wrestling. I don’t see this movie being a success and maybe they will realize that they cant make movies and eventually they’ll stop.


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