‘Jumper’ review



  ‘Jumper’ is a film about a young man who holds the ability to teleport and discovers he is not the only one with this power. Although there is supposedly a war going on between these (jumpers) and a very unexplained agency who’s sole purpose in life is to kill them, there are only two jumpers in the movie, three if you count one who has a 10 second scene. The main charater David Rice meets another jumper named Griffin, what seemed awfully strange was that Griffin criticized David for using his powers for fun when he was doing the exact same thing throughout the film. This movie had no real story, many pointless relationships, and completely relied on the abilities of these people. Repetitive would be a very good word to describe this film, teleportation is a concept that gets real old by the first 10 minutes. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve basically seen the movie, it has nothing else to offer.

 1 out of 5


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