‘Eagle Eye’ Pushed Back



   After working together in ‘Disturbia’, Shia LaBeoulf and director DJ Caruso has teamed up to work on a new upcoming film ‘Eagle Eye’. The release date for the new film has been pushed back from its summer release to September 26th release. Usually when a film is being push back from a summer release is usually because “oh this movie sucks and the studio is dumping it”. Not only is this film is being push back but ‘Eagle Eye’ is falling behind schedule and was in a major danger to not make the release date.

  After considering that Disturbia having a great opening on its April release, Paramount Pictures studio is also thinking that ‘Eagle Eye’ will still put up big numbers on its opening day no matter where it is placed. The only competition this film would have had on its original release date is ‘Pineapple Express’ and now its going up against Coen Bros. ‘Burn After Reading’.


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