Monaghan Is Cast In Wolverine Movie



   Lost and Lord Of The Rings star has been cast for the new Wolverine movie. Dominic Monaghan will be playing Barnell Bohusk, aka Blackwing/Beak, in the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fox have decided to make the new Wolverine film have an X-Men 4 feel by adding few more mutants. X-men Origins: Wolverine hits theater on May 1, 2009.

    Blackwing/Beak who wad born in Rotterdam, Netherlands and  started developing his powers at puberty. His body changed into that of a humanoid-bird form, with a beaked face, bulbous eyes, wing-like arms that give him the ability to fly, talons on his hands and feet, and double-jointed knees. He also possesses heightened agility, and he may possess heightened senses and a lighter skeletal structure like the avian X-Man formerly known as the Angel. Feeling disgusted and ashamed because of his appearance, Beak ran away from home and went into hiding. He tells Beast that his nickname originated from other teenagers in Rotterdam, who would find him hiding behind beer barrels. 


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