New ‘Iron Man’ Footage At Wonder-Con



   New footage from the upcoming ‘Iron Man’ was shown at Wonder-Con. Slashfilm had this desciption of the footage:


“The sequence begins with Stark hard at work building the jet thruster boots that you see briefly in the SuperBowl spot. He tries the thrusters for the first time set to 10% and is thrown into the back-wall/roof. A robot arm tries to extinguish a nonexistent fire. He makes a second attempt which results in him hovering 4-5 feet above the ground, however he starts to lose control and hovers over a couple of expensive cars in his collection. Stark yells at the bot. The interaction between the two is pretty funny. In the next sequence Stark tests out the full flight mode on the mark 2 armor, which involved a holographic like display in the helmet of the suit. Iron Man flys off into the night sky. The Iron Man logo hits the screen and the crowd goes nuts.”

   The film will be in theaters May 2nd, 2008.


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