Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Expected Split


harry hands

   Well folks, Warner Bros is expected to announced that the last Harry Potter book will be split into two films.  This sounds like good news.  Many movies make the mistake of putting too much into one film, which makes the movie feel rushed, or the make the mistake of leaving parts of the story out so it can fit into a 2 hour film.  Harry Potter movies, along with a lot of other films based on books, have been criticized for not being as detailed as the novels.  This is a problem which really can’t be fixed because a book needs to be very detailed to give the reader a visual and emotional sense.  This isn’t as important in film because you are seeing the visual.  By splitting the book into two movies, there will be more time to put all the details and more of the story into the film.  Fans should be very pleased to hear this news.  I really wish Sony did this with Spider-man 3.  They tried fitting too many villains into the same movie.  Eddie Brock should have been developed in the 3rd film and became Venom in the 4th.  Very disappointed with that film.  

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