Houndog Will Be Released July 18


    Empire Film Group Inc. owns the distribution rights in this controversial independent film. Houndog, starring Dakota Fanning, has been given a release date ( July 18 ) and will be opening in more than 500 theaters. Empire expects the film to bring in around 15 million dollars in box office revenues.

There was a Houndog promo reel that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival last year that got a lot of controversial attention. The character played by Dakota Fanning is sexually assaulted in one of the scenes. This made some people feel uncomfortable and outraged. From what we hear, the scene does not show the assault, but it is implied.

Dean Hamilton-Bornstein, CEO of Empire Film Group says, “We believe that ‘Hounddog’ will be one of the top, independent films at theaters this summer.” “It is a powerful, coming-of-age drama that deals with serious issues that should resonate with audiences. Dakota Fanning delivers an Oscar-worthy performance and we expect to see a lot of media attention.” The writer and director, Deborah Kampmeier, says, “I think we all wish that no children were ever assaulted. But it’s not helpful to the victims for our society to ignore the subject and pretend that it’s not real. ‘Hounddog’ takes this dark moment through an emotional recovery brought about through friends, family and music, to a message of hope.” Sounds like an interesting movie. We’ll keep you posted on anymore news concerning Houndog.


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