Director of The ‘Incredible Hulk’ Speaks


   Empire Magazine recently had an interview with director Louis Leterrier about ‘The Incredible Hulk’teaser trailer.  A lot of questions were raised about the CGI used in the teaser.  Let’s be honest, it did not look fantastic.  The director says that the CGI was not yet done.  In fact, he says the reason the teaser took so long to come out was because none of the shots are complete.  But Leterrier felt the shots used in the teaser were good enough to show, and it would show what direction they were taking. 

   The director then goes on to say that despite how the movie is portrayed in the teaser, the Hulk is in the movie very often.  “You’ll see Bruce Banner transform in minute three. (Laughs) Minute three! That’s what’s good about it and it was really important when I was accepting the movie. We’re not treating it as an origin movie but: Bruce Banner stepping into his chair and the gamma bomb and everything. He’s the Hulk already, with the Hulk within him, and you get to understand how he came to be in this situation,” saysLouis Leterrier.  

   Considering the film has not come out yet, Leterrier talks about a lot of details in the story.  He talks about how Bruce Banneruses brazilian ju-jitsu and akido to avoid getting angry in fights.  Bruce also uses yoga to keep himself calm and to keep the “Monster” inside.  You can check out the full interview here!  What do you guys think? 


2 Responses to “Director of The ‘Incredible Hulk’ Speaks”

  1. Magic Mafia Says:

    Dunno what trailer you watched, but I thought it looked great.

  2. Cool Dude Says:

    I am assuming he watched this one, since his picture is from the teaser trailer. The CGI was not that great thats all TRUE

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