Jamal Woodlard As Notorious B.I.G

    It was announced that Jamal Woodward will play the led role in the new upcoming film Notorious. The film is about an adaptation of the life of Christopher Wallace, who’s also known as famous rapper Notorious B.I.G. The picture above is the first look of Jamal Woodward as Notorious B.I.G and i believe that Woodward looks pretty much like B.I.G. New York Times believed that Jamal would had be the chosen one to play B.I.G before the Searchlight casting call. This is what they had said:


“Not part of the open call in New York in October, Mr. Woolard had been under consideration since November, and was quietly being groomed by the film’s director, George Tillman Jr., before being officially selected. “We set up a boot camp for three months just for him,”

Mr. Tillman said from New York, where he is preparing to begin production with Robert Teitel, his partner in State Street Pictures.


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