Del Toro Is Not 100% sure About “The Hobbit” But 99% Sure


    Guillermo del Toro has been a very busy director lately. Del Toro is the top choice for directing The Hobbit at the moment, even though at one point it was the director of the Spider-Man movies, Sam Raimi. According to in a report near the end of January, Guillermo del Toro was 99% sure he was going to direct “The Hobbit”. Del Toro says,

“At this stage anything I say is of no consequence for I am not yet signed to do The Hobbit. Negotiations advance but are still ongoing. All I can say is that I am diligently going through all Tolkien material related to Middle-earth but only as a way of bridging a gap in my reading. I still respond the strongest to The Hobbit, but as an avid reader of Mythology I find a lot of his other writings fascinating. A perfect Cosmology forged from very eclectic sources.”

“It is my belief that your community will be a joy to be a part of, whether I do The Hobbit, or not.”

We will soon find out. Only time will tell….as usual. You can share your thoughts.


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