The World Wants David Zandi For “Prince of Persia”


    IESB is reporting that a marketing research poll of 15 million people worldwide, a man named David Zandi has the most votes to play the main character in the movie ‘Prince of Persia’. 70% of the votes went to Zandi over other actors such as Orlando Bloom (7%), Sendhil Ramamurthy (8%) and James McAvoy (6%).

Five questions were asked on the research poll:

1. Considering the image and personality of the Prince in The Prince Of Persia video game: who would you select to play this role… from the 8 choices listed (based on their pictures)?

2. What was the main factor in your selection. a) name recognition. b) I’m a fan of their past work. c) Looks like a Prince. d) acting ability. e) Ethnicity

3. If you voted for Zandi, what was the main factor for selecting him? a) I did’nt vote for him. b) His face and build is identicle to the Prince. c) He is an unknown. d) He’s Persian.

4. Would you take you family to see The Prince of Persia motion picture, if Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney hire David Zandi to play the lead role of Prince Dastan? a) yes. b) no. c) could care less who they hire

5. Would you be more likely or less likely to go to the theater and purchase the DVD, if David Zandi is hired by Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney to play Prince Dastan for their Prince of Persia motion pictures? a) more likely. b) less likely

This marketing research poll was out for 2.5 years. pretty interesting! We would like to hear any comments from you.


One Response to “The World Wants David Zandi For “Prince of Persia””

  1. Delfie Says:

    1. I did not know who the other eight were
    2. C and D
    3. B
    4. A
    5. A
    I really hope that they do a good job with this movie. I am a tremendous fan, and if this movie goes down the tubes like “Eragon” and “Harry Potter,” then the video gamming community (and many fangirl like myself) will refuse to buy the DVD. So please Disney!!! Stay true to the game!

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