Del Toro’s ‘Wolfman’




It has been over 60 years since the Wolfman attack the box office, but will come back next year in a remake by Joe Johnston. Entertainment Weekly caught up with six time makeup artist Oscar winner Rick Baker for an exclusive first look at Del Toro’s ‘Wolfman’. Baker told Entertainment Weekly, that he wanted to show respect to Lon Chaney by making his version of the Wolfman to look much like his and have a classic original look to it. This is what Baker told EW about his version of the ‘Wolfman’:

“What’s interesting about those two pictures is that there’s one that he’s kind of facing forward and you see a little more of his body — that’s very much more of a classic Wolfman shot; it looks more like the Chaney version. The close-up one is a more frightening and dynamic version. Even though it’s the same makeup [as the first picture], he can do a lot more than Lon Chaney could do with the makeup. It’s cool that there’s something for the old-school guys, and the other picture is more for the guys who don’t even know what the Wolfman is but can see that picture and still go, ‘Oh, that’s cool!'”

What do you think the Wolfman?





2 Responses to “Del Toro’s ‘Wolfman’”

  1. Geri Mars Says:

    I wish people would make the distinction between Lon Chaney, Sr. and Lon Chaney, Jr. who was actually Creighton Chaney and adopted his father’s name under pressure from Universal Studios, not long after his father’s untimely passing in 1930. (Chaney, Sr. did not wish for his son to follow in his footsteps and, in fact, forbid it.) It was the elder Chaney who created such classic characters as the original “Phantom of the Opera” and Quasimodo “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” and pioneered innovative makeup techniques, many of which remain in use today. While Chaney, Jr. is memorable in his portrayal of The Wolfman, he did not create the look of the character and, in fact, gave the artists who applied his costume a very hard time.

    As for Del Toro in the role of The Wolfman, I believe that he will be excellent and can pull it off with or without makeup. A true craftsman in the field of acting, he brings his all to everything he does.

  2. XenoJive Says:

    in light of that brilliant post above me…I must digress…

    who in this modern age of global warming (it EXISTS you republican schmucks), weather anomalies, middle eastern conflicts & national beef recalls is even scared of a fucking wolfman anymore?

    I mean seriously…the US has enough guns and any hippie bro hoe has enough silver bracelets and toe rings to melt down and make into bullets


    If you want to scare me, show me John McCain winning the presidential election.

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