Matthew Vaughn To Direct “Kick Ass”



    There is word that Matthew Vaughn is looking forward to write and direct Mark Millar’s latest comic book Kick Ass. Millar, who is the writer of comic book Wanted, which will hit theaters this summer by Universal Pictures. Kick Ass is barely on its second issue but it is reported that Vaughn and his partner Jane Goldman are hard at work on the script. Kick Ass follows a story of a teenager living in the real world who decides to become a superhero, idolizing Batman, Superman, and Spiderman etc. Vaughn was also selected to direct another comic book adaptation Thor for Paramount. The project is yet to be announced so who knows when the project will begin filming.


One Response to “Matthew Vaughn To Direct “Kick Ass””

  1. XenoJive Says:

    As much as I love comics, I have to say STOP MAKING COMIC MOVIES…

    unless you put some thought and time into them

    This fuckin book JUST came out…they havent even published issue 2 yet…as far as we know he could die from the shanking he received at the end of the first issue. (spoiler alert, jackasses)

    And how good of a movie would that be…

    20 minutes long…

    Hey I’m a funny comic nerd teenager who wants to fight crime with NO powers, look I have a funny outfit, HOLY SHIT I GOT STABBED!


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