Rambo 5 To Be Filmed In Bulgaria


    Once again, we must watch this washed up action star try and be a hero. According to Screen Daily, Rambo 5 looks like it will be shot in Bulgaria where they’re building 10 new stages. Rambo 5 is scheduled to be one of the first movies to use these new stages. This guy is absolutely ridiculous and unoriginal. Come up with some new material man! It’s time for Sylvester to play a mentor or something. Not the hero! Well I’ll tell you one thing, this old man isn’t getting my money this time around. He’s played me for a fool once before and it will not happen again! Mr. Stallone also wants to make a sequel to Cliffhanger. I’ll HANG myself off a CLIFF before I go see Cliffhanger 2. This is as stupid as the picture of Stallone above. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sylvester Stallone and I still love most of his work, but I just think he needs to let go and make something new. Please let us know how you feel about this story whether you agree with me or not. We love hearing from you guys.


One Response to “Rambo 5 To Be Filmed In Bulgaria”

  1. Rido Says:

    Rambo and Kumar Go to Burma? I wouldn’t be surprised 🙂


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