The Dark Knight Sheds a Little Light


    The actors and the director of The Dark Knight talked about movie last week at showest which was held in Las Vegas. Christopher Nolan had a few interesting things to say about the film. Nolan talks about a scene in particular that he enjoys. Nolan says, “There is a pretty amazing meeting of the minds between Batman and Joker in the middle of the film that we haven’t wanted to show to people yet. We want to save that for the movie. … It’s very much an acting scene, but I would be lying if I said it was a purely verbal smackdown.”

I wonder if this is the scene where Batman is in the interrogation room with the Joker. This seems the most likely from what the trailer has shown us. Maggie Gillenhaal (taking over for Katie Holmes)had this to say about a scene, “I did a scene where I get to interrogate a bad guy as a lawyer, trying to break a witness, and I had a blast shooting that scene. I’ve always wanted to play a lawyer in a courtroom, and I got to do that a little bit here.”

Christian Bale talks about how his character as Batman has evolved since the first film. “We have progressed from an angry young man trying to come to terms with his own pain and starting on an endeavor which he believes to be finite to somebody who’s attained that power, and is now having to recognize the responsibilities that come with it,” Bale says. “We had no interest in making a second unless we believed that we could surpass and improve on the first. I’ve not seen Dark Knight but from working on the movie, the feeling was that absolutely we surpassed that.”

I think every film maker should approach their sequels the same way. If you don’t feel you can make it better than the first, then don’t bother. Well I’m glad that the cast and crew for this movie felt this way, and from what Christian Bale said, it sounds like we’ll see a very good movie.

Christopher Nolan also talked about some of Batman’s gadgets in The Dark Knight. “Batman’s got a lot of gizmos and gadgets and things,” Nolan explained. “The Bat Pod being the largest of them, the most apparent. He also has this very cool sticky bomb gun that fires mines with timers on them, that he uses to set off explosions in sequence, and it folds up in this very peculiar manner and fits on the belt.”

“The utility belt is one of the great things about Batman. You just never know what is going to come out of that thing next, and that’s one of the things I loved as a kid about the character. We tried to preserve that, that sense of fun about those gadgets, in the film.”

I also think this is one of the things that makes Batman so cool. This movie seems like it will be just as good as it’s predecessor or even better. We’ll keep you updated with all the Dark Knight news that we get.



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