8 DALSA 4K Origin Cameras To Be Used In Quantum Of Solace



   It was announced today, by DALSA Digital Cinema, that there will be a visual effects shot in film ,Quantum of Solace, that will use 8 DALSA 4K cameras.  We do not know much about the cameras because the company is keeping the details to themselves.  All we know is that the sequence involves 8 shutter-synchronized DALSA 4K Origin cameras shooting simultaneously.    Kevin Tod Haug, the visual effects designer, made the choice of using DALSA for the film.  

“The DALSA Origin was the only uncompressed, high-resolution, low-noise camera system we could count on to do what we needed to do. The folks at DALSA were completely supportive of all our complex needs. We could not have done this sequence without them.” 

After they used the cameras, David Stump, the consulting VFX cinematographer, had this to say,

“Working with uncompressed 4K gave us the ability to mine the maximum amount of detail from the scene. The low noise floor of the DALSA enabled us see every nuance of detail from the dark blacks of the clothing.” 

Rob Hummel, President of DALSA Digital Cinema, had this to say about the experience,

“We were incredibly excited to be chosen for this complex part of the movie.  It was amazing as we watched all eight cameras shooting and pouring data into the CODEX disc units. In total, we recorded over 3.8 gigabytes of image data every second. After a year of fine tuning the DALSA camera system, we felt we were ready to put the camera to the test. Of course, passing this particularly tough test, with eight cameras synchronized together, was the best outcome I could imagine!”

  We’ll keep you posted on this film.source: coming soon  


One Response to “8 DALSA 4K Origin Cameras To Be Used In Quantum Of Solace”

  1. Jack Apple Says:

    I found quite a lot of information about these cameras on the company website, looks impressive. http://www.dalsa.com/dc

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