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Tom Cruise Impression From Superhero Movie

March 26, 2008


To be honest, the only thing I found funny in the commercials for Superhero Movie was that guy acting like Tom Cruise. The actor’s name is Miles Fisher, and I must say that he does an excellent job at portraying Tom Cruise in the film Superhero Movie. He captures Tom’s facial expressions, completely nails his energetic laugh and other worldly gaze. I think it’s funny how these people won’t leave Tom Cruise alone, even though I think he brings it on himself a little. Whatever the case may be, it’s very funny and entertaining in my opinion. Poor Tom Cruise, he just can’t get a break. Well, I think he gets a break in this film, but not the kind of break he is looking for. Judging from what the commercials show, I think Tom learns a thing or two about earth. One of the things he learns about the planet earth, which he clearly is not from, is the law of gravity. Unfortunately, this part of the film is not on the clip that was posted. I guess we have to go see the film to see what happens to good old Tom. Watch the clip below for yourself, and feel free to write how you feel about this post or Tom Cruise, in the comment area. Thanks! CLICK MORE TO WATCH VIDEOS (more…)


Hey Everyone We Have Moved!!!!

March 26, 2008


We have packed our bags and moved to Please come and visit our new site!!!

Explosion Effects 1

February 8, 2008


Need some exploding effects?

Detonation Films lets you download packs of exploding effects for less than $20. You can use this for your next action flick when the hero jumps out of a burning building and the building then explodes. The site also has tutorials to help you use your newly purchased effect. I have used their tutorials for some of my projects they are very informative. The tutorials themselves are free. If you needed a good special effects software I would recommend Adobe After Effects.