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Tobey Maguire’s New Comic Book Project

March 27, 2008


    We all know Tobey Maguire from the Spider-man movies, which he had spent a lot of time on. Now Tobey is trying to do a bit of producing. Tobey will be producing movie based on a comic originally published by Red 5 Comics. Afterburn is about a postapocalypic Earth where the Eastern Hemisphere has been devastated by solar flare, which leaves this area abandoned by civilization but inhabited by mutated people and creatures. A group of people from a part of the Earth that has not been devastated, come into this area to recover treasures, such as the Mona Lisa and the Crown Jewels.

This movie sounds like it has a good story and could be a very interesting movie if done right. We don’t know if Tobey Maguire will be in the movie or not but I would not be surprised if he is. Neal Moritz (I am Legend) will be alongside Tobey on this project so it might be good. We’ll keep you posted on this story.


De Luca Speaks About Metal Gear Solid Movie

March 27, 2008


   Collider has a huge article featuring producer Mike De Luca talking about adapting video games to movies.  In the article, Mike De Luca talks about how much story there really is in the Metal Gear games and how it does not have to be like other video game movies that are no good.  Here’s what De Luca had to say about Metal Gear Solid.

“For me adapting a video game is just like adapting a book or a play or any other…whenever you’re adapting from another medium for film you try to take into account what you need to do to make it a movie.  With books it’s how you compensate for not being inside a character’s head and with video games I think what you have to compensate for is the loss of interactivity, you know.  What makes video games fun is that you get to be the character and you’re sitting there ruling the universe and it’s a really first person interactive experience.  When you’re in your theatre seat, you’re stuck with these subjective versions of the story and the game from a director or the writer’s point of view.  You can’t interact with what’s going on so whatever turns you on about the game, you’re immediately disadvantaged in the theatre because you’re not feeling anything which I think ups the ante for how good the story has to be and how good the movie has to be because we’re going in at a disadvantage that you’re not going to get the excitement or the adrenalin rush of doing it yourself, so we have to do it for you in a way that makes up for that.” 


New Indy 4 Pictures

March 26, 2008


    We are all waiting for the new Indiana Jones movie, well I know I am, and can’t wait to see if it will live up to the expectations we all hope it does. To keep us happy until the film comes out, we have found some pictures from the movie thanks to empire and the raider. Enjoy! (more…)

Clip From Sweeny Todd DVD

March 25, 2008

   Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will be coming to DVD Tuesday, April 1st.  Paramount Home Entertainment was kind enough to give Shock Till You Drop a clip from one of the bonus features that will be found on the 2 disc special edition of Sweeny Todd.  The clip shows the director Tim Burton, along with the actors and others, talk about working with Johnny Depp and his character.  Click here to view the clip from the 2 disc special edition of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Enjoy!

8 DALSA 4K Origin Cameras To Be Used In Quantum Of Solace

March 25, 2008


   It was announced today, by DALSA Digital Cinema, that there will be a visual effects shot in film ,Quantum of Solace, that will use 8 DALSA 4K cameras.  We do not know much about the cameras because the company is keeping the details to themselves.  All we know is that the sequence involves 8 shutter-synchronized DALSA 4K Origin cameras shooting simultaneously.    Kevin Tod Haug, the visual effects designer, made the choice of using DALSA for the film.  

“The DALSA Origin was the only uncompressed, high-resolution, low-noise camera system we could count on to do what we needed to do. The folks at DALSA were completely supportive of all our complex needs. We could not have done this sequence without them.” 

After they used the cameras, David Stump, the consulting VFX cinematographer, had this to say,

“Working with uncompressed 4K gave us the ability to mine the maximum amount of detail from the scene. The low noise floor of the DALSA enabled us see every nuance of detail from the dark blacks of the clothing.” 

Rob Hummel, President of DALSA Digital Cinema, had this to say about the experience,

“We were incredibly excited to be chosen for this complex part of the movie.  It was amazing as we watched all eight cameras shooting and pouring data into the CODEX disc units. In total, we recorded over 3.8 gigabytes of image data every second. After a year of fine tuning the DALSA camera system, we felt we were ready to put the camera to the test. Of course, passing this particularly tough test, with eight cameras synchronized together, was the best outcome I could imagine!”

  We’ll keep you posted on this film.source: coming soon  

Chris Hauty Working On The Last Pharaoh

March 24, 2008

    Chris Hauty told Sun Media that he was working on Carl Franklin’s script for The Last Pharaoh, which will be produced by Smith’s Overbook Entertainment (owned by Will Smith). The film focuses on the 7th century BC. ruler of Egypt, Taharqa which was also the last king of the Nubian Dynasty. The movie will show the battles between the Assyrians and the Egyptians who rule Ethiopia. They are fighting for the throne.

The leader of the Assyrians, Esarhaddon, takes over Egypt after many years. Taharqa starts an insurrection later which starts problems. We’ll see if Will Smith will have a role in this movie. If he does, he’ll do great, as he always does.

New Pictures of Johnny Depp as Dillinger

March 24, 2008

    Some new pictures from Micheal Mann’s movie, Public Enemies, have surfaced today. Johnny Depp is seen as Dillinger holding a tommy gun and a money bag along with some of his punk partners. The pictures were taken in Wisconsin by an Aint it Cool News spy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURE


The Dark Knight Sheds a Little Light

March 23, 2008

    The actors and the director of The Dark Knight talked about movie last week at showest which was held in Las Vegas. Christopher Nolan had a few interesting things to say about the film. Nolan talks about a scene in particular that he enjoys. Nolan says, “There is a pretty amazing meeting of the minds between Batman and Joker in the middle of the film that we haven’t wanted to show to people yet. We want to save that for the movie. … It’s very much an acting scene, but I would be lying if I said it was a purely verbal smackdown.”

I wonder if this is the scene where Batman is in the interrogation room with the Joker. This seems the most likely from what the trailer has shown us. Maggie Gillenhaal (taking over for Katie Holmes)had this to say about a scene, “I did a scene where I get to interrogate a bad guy as a lawyer, trying to break a witness, and I had a blast shooting that scene. I’ve always wanted to play a lawyer in a courtroom, and I got to do that a little bit here.”


Horton Hears Cha-Ching At The Box-Office

March 23, 2008

    On Horton’s second week out in theaters, it remains at the top of the box-office with an estimate of $25,100,000 for the weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, Horton has made an estimated $86,470,000 in 2 weeks. Also this weekend, Meet the Browns and Shutter came out. Meet the Browns with an estimated $20,010,000 for the weekend and Shutter with an estimated $10,700,000 for it’s first weekend.

If the estimation for Horton Hears A Who is correct, then the film has already passed it’s production budget which was $85,000,000. We’ll see how many more weeks Horton Hears a Who will remain at the top of the box office. We’ll keep you updated on the box office results.

Juno: Deleted Scene

March 22, 2008


    Fox Searchlights has released one of the eleven deleted scenes from the movie Juno. The eleven deleted scenes will be on the special edition version of the dvd. The dvd will be released on April 15, 2008. The title of the deleted scene released is called Cafe Triste shows Ellen Page, who plays Juno, performing on stage at a cafe. After the performance, Paullie Bleeker, played by Michael Cera, talks to Juno about her performance and is then interrupted by Juno’s friend, Leah, who is played by Olivia Thirlby. A little awkward moment. Well check out the deleted scene for yourself over at Slash Film.